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Nasal Congestion in Cold and Cough

Multiple causes are responsible for the formation of nasal congestion in human beings. Right from microbial infections to medications and allergens can cause the condition of nasal congestion. This article presents a brief description of nasal congestion.

Rhinorrhea - Runny Nose in Cold and Cough

Rhinorrhea is a common trouble which occurs along with Cold and cough conditions and a lot of water like fluid flows from the nose tip and many a times a nose block occurs.

Common Cold - The Sore Throat

The Sore Throat is perhaps one of the most common type of infections amongst all populace of the world and is the most easily affecting infections and troubles.

Sinusitis: Classifications, symptoms and treatment.

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the air filled cavities within the nostrils and the nasal passage of the nose. It can be caused by pathogenic micro organism (virus, bacteria or fungus) and also by allergies and chemical fume.

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