Nasal Congestion in Cold and Cough

Multiple causes are responsible for the formation of nasal congestion in human beings. Right from microbial infections to medications and allergens can cause the condition of nasal congestion. This article presents a brief description of nasal congestion.

Nasal Congestion in Cold and Cough

Nasal Congestion occurs in Rhinorrhea, viral infections, bacterial, fungal infections where there is blocking in the passages of the nose caused by the swelling of the blood vessels thus causing the obstruction and commonly thus known as blocked nose or stuffy nose.

The causes for nasal congestion are many and range from a simple mild annoyance to many conditions which may threaten life.

The nasal congestion in infants and new born can cause an hindrance in breastfeeding thus dithering the child from having its feed from the mother. It can thus also lead to other life threatening diseases.

The nasal congestion in children of older age group and in those within adolescent age group does not cause major problems but is a troublesome medley in daily life routine.

Troubles caused by nasal congestion
Interference can be caused in sleep, speech and hearing. Snoring can develop because of nasal congestion during sleep. Other causes for snoring include adenoids, nasal polyps. Adenoids can lead to depleted air flow leading to low oxygen supply. This can lead to loss of sleep and smaller children often shriek and cry because of the resultant nasal congestion.

Nasal congestion is also associated with mild to severe pain in the face and the head thus causing a lot of discomfort.

Causes of Nasal Congestion
1. Allergic reactions
2. Common cold
3. Deviated nasal septum
4. Hay fever
5. Adverse drug reaction

Gastric reflux caused by Nasal Congestion
Studies and research have established that people suffering from inflammation of the sinuses along with old time nasal congestion also suffer from recurrent reflux of acid from the gastrointestinal tract. This excess of acid reflux can reach up to the nasal tracts and cause irritation of the path. This irritation in turn leads to the engorgement of the nasal tracts which again leads to nasal congestion.

Treatment of Nasal Congestion
There are, as mentioned above, multiple causes which can cause congestion in the nose. Thus, the treatment for nasal congestion changes according to the underlying cause which can cause Nasal congestion.

As such, Nasal congestion gets better as most of the causes resulting in nasal congestion are self limiting types and do not, in majority, require excessive medical treatment.

Many times conditions such as hay fever which is caused by exposure of the person to pollens / smells / allergic substances (particular to that person) lead to nasal congestion.
The treatment for such a condition can be simply by avoiding such allergens or if such a removal is not possible, then by administering medicines which reduce allergic reaction, may help.

Medicines from Homeopathy, Ayurveda may help in building up immunity against the specific allergens.


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