Fever, Cough and Cold - A Patient's story

This article deals with the frequently occurring disease amongst the world populace and the most highest simple cases doctors having to deal with.

Fever, Cough and cold - The highest occurring infections and troubles amongst the world populace

Some days come in our life when we see and feel that we are in the best pink of health and very often comes a thought that we will not suffer from any disease - such great and best is our health. Then all of a sudden, something happens which gives a feeling of "out of pattern". We have some food or drink outside, something that brings a hitch in our mind and gives a sense that somnething wrong is going to happen. Our mind tells us that our power has been affected and then starts the beginning of our ill health.

The Indisposition

Well, the feeling of something is wrong continues and we are not in the same vigour as was earlier and then at some point of time, starts the whistling in the nose. All is not well and then somewhere we start feeling the pain, the the feeling of uneasiness, somewhere something is paining and a sense of discomfort comes up everywhere in the body. We are not able to concentrate on our work / play / routine and it seems like "I need a break, please"!

We remember the cause

This fatigue feeling goes on for 2 - 3 days and many a times we curse ourselves that why had I thought on that day that i am in the most best of my health and right; right after that this all ended and I am now full of suffering. Why, why did I after all think of the best of me and when is this all going to go? What to do? And then all of a sudden in all the thoughts, we get the root cause - The ice-cream that day was not good, I had a not so good feeling about it and probably it started right from there. Actually, I had eaten outside on the road side stall; ah., um., no, I actually had a spicy dish at the hotel and yes there it made my world upside down! How could I! Some would say - But of course its my daily routine!

Now the disease ahead!

Here I am, this is me - Well, I am in bed, high fever and a feeling of burning all over my body and the ow! I simply cannot bear that pain in the back. Somehow I need to get off this pain, somebody help me please! Then comes the fever which rises every now and then and then the sniffing and the watering from the nose and the coughing also starts! Phew, all tiresome...

Body fights with the disease

Now begins the best part of the body which although is too tiring to the mind! The voice changes, blood flows too fast and then the bacteria line up their defence mode and then the immune system fires up to destroy those ugly things - Get off my hat you chiller worsening things! The rattling cough and the chest of sputum and the bitter taste in the mouth - Oh my God! How do I bear this?

My Godly friend - The Doctor!

Wow! Why did I forget him? He is the person with the best answers to my health. I can do anything to get back to my lost Pink of health. So here I go and visit my Godly person - The Doc!
"OK, so you have been fighting on your own and have consumed a lot of energy in that, huh! Even your Tonsils have fluffed up and Headache with heaviness over there and it seems that your tummy is also rumbling a lot. What are you? Another World War 2?" Ok, so what would you prefer? An injection or a Saline?"
Doctor, do anything, but save me from all these, says our dear patient.
OK, now get pricked yourself and have these tablets and if you feel weak even till tomorrow, then come back I will give you a big and a small Saline infusion, that should kick you up.

The next day - Weakness prevails

Hello Doctor, I am back! Infuse that Saline please, I am better of my Cough cold and even fever is less. But, the bodyache! It is the most worsened. I cannot help it. So, the story goes on to the Saline infusions and then the doctor gives the medicines through blood and wow! By the end of the bottles of saline, our patient feels much better!
Within next three days, he is back to the Pinkest of health.

Moral of the Fever, Could and Cold

Fever, Cough and Cold are most of the times a presentation of Viral infections which as such take a week's time to go off. To avoid any untoward complications get treated as soon as possible and from a Doctor.


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