Causes, symptoms and treatment of constipation

Do you know about constipation? Constipation is difficult or irregular bowel movements as well as delay in emptying the bowels. In this article I am explaining about the causes, symptoms and treatment of constipation. If you are suffering from constipation follow the instructions given in this article.

Lumps of faeces that are very hard and collects either in caecum or sigmoid flexure or middle place of transverse colon. Enlargement of this colon in the given above areas and it very complicated for the lumps move their path to come out. When you to try to pass out, they scratches the delicate membranes as well as produce unbearable pain due to indigestion. If the pain increases at the middle of the transverse colon, the area of colon sags produces uneasiness and stomach pain.

Constipation causes

The important constipation causes is not taking proper diet. If the rectum is completely full, it tends to the signals for the intestines with the help of the nervous system. Central nervous system for the movement as well as if there exists repeatedly ignored, it normally leads to the failure of rectum to the signal for the support.
In recent situations, the rush to school or work place or catch train in the morning may obstruct the habit of normal defecation. Several offices or schools are not adequately provided the essential conveniences. If the habit of normal defecation breaks down then a man or woman becomes constipated.

There should be adequate quantity of fibers or non-absorbable stuff in the diet in the form of bulk that also acts as the stimuli for the movements in the intestine for not causing constipation, otherwise it causes constipation.

Spicy foodstuffs like hot curries, pickles, chat will stimulate the bowels and causes complete evacuation; therefore it should be followed by the inactivity of intestines as well as constipation. Coffee, tea, alcohol acts as the same method. In the same way purgatives will motivate the intestines and causes their evacuation, this follows by the constipation. The foods that has fewer residues like cheese, eggs, fish and meat and diet that is composed exclusively made of milk are frequently productive of difficult constipation by way of failing to give adequate stimulus to normal intestines movements.

Constipation symptoms - physically

Absorption of unclean matter from colon because of constipation and it leads to outward physical symptom that, gives clue regarding the man or woman being constipated.

Some of the physical constipation symptoms are sweaty exhalation, eye balls yellow in color, faeces color dark green or black indicates that faeces are very old. Fetid and foul breath, furred tongue, yellow complexion, dyspepsia, heart burn, indigestion, headache and vertigo are also some of the symptoms.

People who are suffering with constipation it will lead to reduce hemoglobin level.

Constipation treatment

You should drink water that is stored in the copper vessel when you are going to sleep at night as well as early morning.
You should eat foods that contain more potassium, for example tomato, potato and banana.

You should sit in the position of vajrasana on and off after consuming food.

Occasionally you should take castor oil or olive oil or almond oil for the sake of lubricating the colon walls as well as softens the hard stool.

Occasionally you should do fasting. During fasting time you should drink more water along with mixing lemon juice in it.

Green color water should be taken. This green color water is prepared by taking a bottle that is in green color with water and place the bottle in sunshine for eight hours. The water in the bottle absorbs green color from the sunrays. This is very good for the purpose of removing constipation.

Performing physical exercise on daily routine is useful for the sake of movement of bowels in order. Physical activity is stimulated with bowel evacuation.

If the constipation is serious, then take enema. Enema is must preferably taken along with lukewarm water. Glycerin and few mineral oil are mixed in the lukewarm water for the purpose of lubricating the colon walls. With adequate water enema is taken so that the water fills properly in the colon and water retained for a certain period so that the hardened faeces becomes soft.

Roughage diet and rich in fiber, for example, pulses, cereals and leafy vegetables such as salad, cucumber, raw carrots, spinach and radish should be taken. Fruits such as water melon, papayas, figs, prunes and oranges are essential. Processed foods and refined foods should be avoided. Better avoid without fiber containing foods, that is, white sugar, white flour, fish, egg and meats.
Each day a person should take six or eight glasses water preferably mixing with lime juice.

Those who are suffering with constipation, you should follow all the information given in this article to get rid of constipation.

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Author: Umesh Chandra Bhatt25 Apr 2020 Member Level: Silver   Points : 5

There are many causes and reasons for constipation and it is believed by the medical experts that lifestyle has much to do in this condition. It is recommended to consume high fibre diet like greens and whole grains and avoid the junk food and oily preparations. Discipline in life especially going to bed in time and getting up early is also prescribed in our aayuvedic system to keep the bowel habits in order. It is often noted that the people having constipation have urge to evacuate at a particular time and if that is missed due to being busy elsewhere then one has to wait for a long time for the next feeling for evacuation. So this is one important aspect in scheduling one's work and other time tables in the routine life.

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