What are the causes, symptoms,complications and treatment for arthritis

This resource has the information about arthritis. The causes, symptoms and diagnosis are mentioned. The common treatments and complication caused by arthritis with food items that should be avoided for some type of arthritis are given in this article.


Arthritis means inflammation in more than two joints. The area where the two bones connect is called a joint. Joint only helps to move the body parts. Joint pain is the main symptom of arthritis. Joint pain can also be called as arthralgia. The types of arthritis are un countable. Till now, more than 100 types of arthritis have been found out. The similarity in all types of arthritis are it affects joints, muscles, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and other inner parts. The complications, treatment, illnesses and prognoses are different in different people. Doctors does not follow the same treatment for all types of arthritis. There are many symptoms and causes to know arthritis.

Causes of arthritis

The form of arthritis determine the causes of arthritis. Some of the common causes are injury, hereditary factors, infection either in direct or indirect way, metabolic abnormalities, and misdirected immune system. Arthritis affects the person who is suffering form any bone injury. There are many chances of getting Inflammation at this point of time. The family members or parents who got arthritis can leads to the younger generation without any reason. Some infections like bacteria and virus triggers the warning sign of arthritis. The lack of nutrition in the body or low metabolic may cause arthritis to that person. The improper function of immune system leads to the risk of getting different types of arthritis especially very highly dangerous arthritis.


The expert in arthritis and specialist in non surgical treatment of rheumatic illnesses. They are like medical experts who knows the reason or helps in finding out the reason behind the unknown fever, arthritis, weakness, weight loss, joint pain, muscle pain, rash, anemia, auto immune disease and andanorexia. The doctors need their help to find out cause of the following diseases. They have the tendency to know they symptoms of more than 100 types of arthritis and related diseases like asteomyelitis, back pain, gout, osteoporosis, raynaud's disease, lyme disease, still's disease, mixed connective tissue disease, psoriatic arthritis, reactive arthritis, iritis and more. Pediatric rheumatologists are specialist in treating children with arthritis. They provide the extra care to the children so that growth of the children is not affected and they help to control the growth of arthritis in a healthy manner.

Symptoms and risk factors of arthritis

The hereditary factors is the main risk factor of arthritis. If any one of the person in the family was affected by arthritis then his generation will be affected by the arthritis at any age. So, every person should be careful in preventing arthritis to save the future generation from arthritis. One of the type of arthritis that can be cured is trauma related arthritis. Trauma related arthritis can affect a person if he has injury due to particular activities. The symptoms of arthritis are joint pain or limited function of any joint, redness and warmth, swelling, joint stiffness and tenderness of inflamed joint. Few types of arthritis don not show any symptoms in joints, they symptoms are identified when they loss their weight, abnormal feelings, gland swelling, improper functions of lungs, heart, and kidneys.

Diagnosis for arthritis

The warning signs or the symptoms helps to diagnose arthritis. Doctor asks the symptoms experienced by the person and examine him for further clarification through tests like X ray, blood test, joint fluid etc. The basic diagnosis includes the symptoms of arthritis and inflammation in joints. Rheumatologist is a doctor who helps to find out the type of arthritis within few tests compared to the normal doctor and some times doctors need rheumatologist help for diagnosis and treatment of arthritis. The earlier symptoms avoids the disability of the body part and prevents from heavy damages to bones. The guidance for proper exercises, medication and some times surgery is also needed to cure or control the effects of arthritis. The patient should always have to consult the doctor more often to know the position of the arthritis and that also helps the doctor to diagnose the patient easily and help him to guide him in right path. Without patient co-operation, treatment to the diseases will not be cured as quickly as possible. Patients should have the knowledge of the medicine.

Complication and treatment for arthritis

The complication of arthritis many be developed into severe stages and leads to more pain when the joint is moved or impossible of moving the joint that is affected by the joint pain. These complications are avoided when it is identified at early stages of the arthritis and lot of exercises may help to reduce the risk of arthritis development. There are different complications for different types of arthritis. For example, rheumatoid arthritis affects eyes, kidney, lungs etc. Likewise, some arthritis have their own complications. The treatment for arthritis vary depending upon the type of arthritis. The accurate diagnosis of the type of arthritis helps to give the perfect treatment for the cure or control arthritis. Few treatment that are followed widely are cold pack applications, anti inflammatory medications, pain killers, paraffin wax dips, physical therapy, splinting, surgeries and immune altering medicines. Pain killers gives instant relief from the joint pain and physical therapy helps to reduce the occurrence of arthritis. The successful treatment gains more relief from arthritis.

Arthritis sufferers and diet for arthritis

The diet contribution toward arthritis is vey small but in some cases it helps to reduce the arthritis pain. Add some omega 3 fatty acid rich foods that has the power of reducing the inflammation properties. The salmon fish and tune are the best resources of omega 3 fats. Fish oils reduce the pain caused by the arthritis and increase the strength of the bones. The contribution of omega 3 fats to body are very high. Gluten foods like barley wheat and rye increase the risk of celiac disease and can cause joint pain. The diet oriented joint pain or arthritis is gout. The red meat, shell fish and high amount of fructose raises the arthritis pain in case of gout. There is no partiality for arthritis, it affects all age groups. Arthritis affects both the gender and mainly woman. More than 300 million people are affected by arthritis across the world. The sad news is children are also affected by arthritis. Senior citizens or people above 50 gets the arthritis and they suffer from arthritis with severe joint pains.

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