Oral Health and Importance of Mouthwash

You may feel like you've been extremely hygienic when it comes to oral health- but the truth is that brushing your teeth doesn't let you reach many corners in your mouth, the only way to reach them is by following the Brush- Floss – Rinse routine. It is extremely important that one goes through this routine and keeps their mouth healthy on a daily basis.

I was walking through a supermarket the other day, when I was asked to fill a survey about oral care. I knew It wouldn't take me more than three minutes to answer a questionnaire based on good oral care, I mean how much can anyone really ask about brushing your teeth, right?

So I started filling out a questionnaire which required no thinking at all, or at least that's what I thought. The first question they asked me was, "Do you think brushing your teeth is important, for oral health or oral hygiene?" I obviously answer, like any other normal person would, in bold letters "Yes". I don't even know why someone would ask a question like that, doesn't everyone know what oral health or oral hygiene means?

Anyway the next few questions that followed were on the same lines- basic questions about flossing, mouthwash, visits to the dentist etc. The last question again was a no brainer; "What does complete oral health mean to you?" I promptly wrote "Brushing your teeth, twice a day". I was extremely happy about my answers and frankly I was secretly taunting the people who gave this survey.

I handed the survey back to the lady who'd asked me to fill it earlier. I turned my back and started walking out of the supermarket, when suddenly my name was announced , but it wasn't the sound of my name that irritated me, it was what they said after- "You got a five on ten in this survey". That was humiliating to being with, especially for a perfectionist and 'know-it-all' like me. How could anyone get only fifty percent on questions that are based on good oral care? More importantly, how can someone as smart as I get only fifty percent. I walked right back and demanded an explanation.

Well, to be honest that was a great decision even though I didn't admit it at the time. They explained to me, how brushing is not the only process involved in keeping your mouth healthy. In order to keep your mouth protected from diseases and healthy at all times, you need to follow a BFR routine. Which is Brushing, flossing and rinsing. Wow! To think that all these years I was oblivious to this fact seemed incredible. It also got me thinking of how many other people are ignorant about it, which is why I decided to share this event with everyone.

In the hope of highlighting how essential it is to keep your mouth healthy, in the right way. There is only one way to keep it really healthy, to clear your mouth of virtually hundred percent of the germs.

I hope I've been able to express just how important it is to keep your mouth healthy, because a healthy mouth translates to a healthy body. Which is why as soon as they explained it to me, I walked to the "Oral Care Products" section of the supermarket and picked up my very first bottle of mouthwash; Listerine Original! Ever since that day I've been following the BFR routine and I've got to admit that my mouth feels cleaner and much healthier.


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Guest Author: 26 Jul 2013

Even I thought that only brushing twice a day is enough but as what you are saying we should also wash mouth to reduce problems. Okay, good information about importance of Mouthwash and maintaining oral health.

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