Health benefits and nutrition values of rice bran oil

This article shares about the health benefits and nutrition content present in rice bran oil. The awareness about rice bran oil is very low in India whereas in other Asian countries, rice bran oil is considered as the most healthy oil for heart and other body parts. Recently, rice bran oil producers and doctors are creating awareness about this oil and consumers are also very interested to buy rice bran oil.

The origin of Rice bran oil

Rice bran oil (RBO) is considered as the most healthy and well balanced oil for good heart as well as good health . Rice bran oil is extracted from whole brown rice. The outer layer of the rice or the skin of the rice is used to extract the rice bran oil. Rice bran oil is used for preparing dishes in United States since 1994. Rice bran oil reflects the flavor of nut, not rice. The density and thickness of the oil is suitable for deep fry items with less cholesterol. The properties that are present in vegetable oils are very similar to the rice bran oil. The oil that was extracted is mainly from the germ or embryo. It has the equal percentage of oil that is extracted from the soybeans. The unique qualities of rice bran oil are is has gamma –oryzanol and tocotrienols that contributes many health benefits to heart and other parts of the body. It blends well with dishes like salads, frying, baking and BBQ's.

Characteristics and Nutritional values

To main a healthy heart of healthy life a person needs to take necessary amount of fat and that should be around 30% in the daily diet. The balanced fat intake consists of 30 percent of saturated fat, 37 percent of mono-unsaturated fat and 33 percent of poly unsaturated fat. This oil is suitable for deep frying because of its high smoking point. Even if the oil is heated for more than 2 hrs the anti oxidants present in the oil remains the same. This proves that it is more beneficial oil in anti oxidant property when it is compared with other type of oil excluding olive oil. The linolenic acid determines the oxidization process. The quantity of linolenic acid is low in rice bran oil that helps to heat the oil at high temperatures. The smoking point of rice bran oil is about 490°.

Nutritional values like vitamin E , saturated fat, omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids, gamma oryzanol, absence of trans fats and essential fatty acids. The saturated fat present in rice bran oil is 20 %. The mono unsaturated and poly unsaturated fat in the oil are 47% and 33%. Vitamin E tocopherol, Vitamin E tocotrienol and oryzanol are the most important natural anti oxidants present in the edible oils. The anti oxidant levels in RBO are 2000 parts per million (ppm) of oryzanol, 81 ppm of vitamin E tocopherol and 336 ppm of vitamin E tocotrienol.

Advantages of rice bran oil

India is the second largest producer of rice but the heart diseases rate is also high in India. Japan and other Asian countries call the rice bran oil as the heart oil for its benefits. The components that are present in olive oil is comparatively equal to the components present in rice bran oil. The Indian olive oil is the other name for rice bran oil in India. The rice bran oil, soon to be recommended to American Heart association. It provides delicious taste to the dishes with less consumption of oil. It avoids lingering after the food is tasted. The oil at high temperatures leads to breaking down of fatty acids but the high smoke point stops this process. The oil is observed very less due to its light viscosity that naturally reduces high cholesterol and high calories. The more amount of anti oxidants has created good health benefits to all age group and prevents obesity. Asian countries like China and Japan uses rice bran oil for cooking.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of rice bran oil are many to mention but, some of the important facts about rice bran oil are shared to create awareness about the oil.

Prevent heart attack

The important body part is heart. The function of heart decides the health of a person. It is necessary to maintain the healthy heart all the time. The most dangerous disease that attacks most of the people, even the younger generation are affected by heart attacks and that leads to death. To prevent heart attacks, cholesterol level should be controlled and low cholesterol foods should to taken to prevent high cholesterol level in the blood. Good cholesterol contributes healthy heart functions whereas bad cholesterol results in poor heart functions. The compounds present in rice bran oil reduces more amount of bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol levels. The antioxidants and vitamin E in the rice bran oil helps to prevent the cholesterol level in the blood and prevent heart from cardio vascular diseases.

Improves Immune system functions and reduces free radicals

Immunity power helps to protect the body from most hazardous diseases. The free radicals present in our body are cleared with the help of anti oxidants and other vital nutrition. The omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids present in the rice bran oil gives more energy and vital internal body part functions. Tocopherol and tocotrienol are the things that represent vitamin E. These two types helps to prevent free radicals that is responsible for many types of cancer. The oxidation process can be controlled by vitamin E. Oryzanol content are very rich in rice bran oil. The high quantity of oryzanol prevents free radicals and reduces cholesterol. It is one of the most important anti-oxidant present in rice bran oil. Oryzanol has greatest power than vitamin E in fighting against free radicals.

Reduces blood pressure and blood sugar levels

Some of the doctors suggest that, using rice bran oil is good for health and it has the power of insulin resistance. Insulin decides the blood sugar level. The body that is responsible for insulin secretion will be reduces due to low nutrition and the food that we take enhance the process of producing insulin in the body. The anti inflammation properties present in rice bran oil fight against the diseases caused by inflammation. The chemical compounds present in rice bran oil helps to maintain the blood pressure and blood sugar levels to normal in the blood.

Rice bran oil for skin and cosmetics

Rice bran oil contributes many health benefits that includes healthy skin. The elasticity of the skin is maintained for a long time to the people who intake rice bran oil at regular intervals. Now, rice bran oil is used for cosmetics as well as skin creams. The major ingredient of skin products has rice bran oil in the composition.

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