Best skin care tips for glowing skin all summer long

Summer skincare routine is necessary to prevent sun damage and promote healthy skin. This article explains various tips to maintain a natural radiant glow on the skin and keep it smooth and supple even when the temperature outside is harsh.

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Though round the year, frequent changes in weather take a toll on our skin, yet summertime is very harsh. Too intense heat and humidity within no time takes away that radiant glow and cause lots of skin troubles. Prickly heat, acne, blackheads, skin infections, skin spots, dryness are common during summers. Thus, during summer months we have to take extra care of our skin to maintain that radiant glow on our skin and to minimize sun damage and skin problems. Some of us feel that summer skincare routine is all about protection of skin from the sun. Yes, it is one of the most important aspects, yet there are lots of things that need to be taken care of. For that, we have to follow a proper skincare regime during these challenging months. Below-mentioned is summer skincare routine which can help us maintain the beauty of our skin even when the temperature outside intensely rises.

Why is summer skincare routine necessary?

Throughout the year, our skin needs care and pampering. But when seasons change, there is a need for the change in skincare routine too. Thus, when summers arrive, we need to make certain suitable changes in our skincare regime to fight back elevated temperatures. Sun rays cause lots of harm to our skin throughout the year, especially if we step out in the sun without umbrellas, scarf, hats and sunscreens. However, during summers, UV rays of the sun become more intense. Thus, they have the potential to cause more skin damage. Too much exposure to summer sun increases the production of melanin pigment which in turn changes our skin colour. Tanning and skin burn are not the only problems. When there is too much sun exposure, our skin shows premature signs of ageing such as age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Sun rays are responsible for causing skin cancer. Also, summer is the period when many want to spend their time chilling on the benches of parks and beaches. Thus, it is obvious that skin will get exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Since many want to step out and enjoy the summer sun and yet wants to save that radiant glow, it becomes necessary to follow a summer skincare routine.

Summer skincare tips for healthy skin

  • Hydrate skin with a moisturizer
    It is a myth that we do not need moisturizers during summer months. Thus, most of us only apply it during winters. Moisturizers are necessary to keep our skin well hydrated, smooth and supple. They need to be applied to the skin throughout the year. Thus, do not skip them during summer months as harsh sun rays increase skin dryness. If this problem is not timely treated, it can make skin flaky and increase the chances of premature ageing of the skin. We have to apply moisturizer but it does not have to be heavy. Lighter moisturizers which are easily absorbed into the skin are best for summers. To get that fresh look and feel, go for fruity moisturizers. Do not wait for skin to dry after coming from showers or after facing face. Moisturizers are better absorbed in wet skin. Thus, apply the lotion immediately to lock in moisture into the skin.

  • Hydrate body with more water
    Skin cannot remain hydrated and well moisturized if the body is suffering from dehydration. Summers are the months when too much water is lost from the body in the form of sweat. Thus, there is a need to drink more water and remain well hydrated. When the body is well hydrated, the skin remains supple and smooth. Thus, during summer months, we need to increase the intake of water depending on our activity level. If we are more active, it means we will lose more water in the form of sweat. Thus, we need to drink more amount of water to replenish the loss. Those who do not like the taste of water can flavour it by adding a piece of lemon, cucumber or strawberry. Also, drinking sugar cane juice, freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juices, coconut water and green tea help in hydrating the body.

  • Lesser the makeup better the skin health
    Although this rule can be applied throughout the year, it is a must during the summer months. Those who are skipping makeup are doing too much good for their skin health. Those who cannot skip it, try to wear as minimal makeup as possible. Summer heat is intolerant, and thus, we have to allow our skin to breathe as much as possible. Heat rays cause skin dryness. The cosmetic product adds to that dryness. Also, flaunting natural look without any makeup on the skin looks more appealing. Always apply SPF incorporated face powder underneath the foundation to prevent patchy skin. Instead of wearing lipstick, go for lip balm or a gloss with SPF in them. Avoid eye makeup during summers. Also, get rid of makeup before going to bed. Make sure the labels on makeup products read non-comedogenic which means they are made up of ingredients which will not cause clogging of skin pores which may give rise to lots of skin problems such as acne and blackheads.

  • Get into a little scrubbing action
    It is summertime which means more sweating and more skin problems due to clogging of skin pores. Thus, it demands exfoliation which helps in getting rid of dead skin cells from the surface exposing new skin which is smooth and supple. It cleanses skin pores. It removes the clogging, excess oil and sebum trapped in them. Summers are the months when we have to increase the exfoliation, especially those who have oily skin. If throughout the year, we used to exfoliate twice a week, it is high time that we do it thrice a week. However, do not over-exfoliate by increasing the exfoliation time. Also, do not scrub harshly. Do it gently in a circular motion. Do not just exfoliate the skin of the face. Buy a good exfoliating product or use natural ingredients available within home and exfoliate the skin of the entire body before showering. Exfoliation will prevent skin dryness and dullness.

  • Avoid over-drying of the skin
    Intense summer rays are harsh on the skin, and too much exposure to them can cause skin dryness. On that, if we increase our time in showers or bathing tubs, we are contributing to dryness. Thus, we need to cut down on our bathing time. Summer means more sweating. Thus, we would want to frequently wash away all the sweat. For that, we frequently hit the showers and also wash our faces. It is okay to shower twice a day but keep them short enough to wash away all the pollutants, dirt, grease and sweat from the skin. We cannot afford to stand in showers for long or relax in our bathing tubs. Too much showering can increase skin dryness. When skin becomes over dry, it not only turns flaky but the risk of skin infection and inflammation increases. Also, make sure the water is cold or at room temperature. Too hot water can also over-dry skin.

  • Never skip sunscreens
    Lastly, the most important skincare tip to maintain that radiant glow on face is to never step out in the sun without wearing a broad-spectrum SPF incorporated sunscreen lotion. Do not just apply it on the face. It should be applied to all the exposed parts of the body such as hands and feet. Do not miss hairline and ears as they are the most neglected areas of the body. Also, apply it in a generous amount and at least 30 minutes before heading out in the sun. It is because sunscreen needs at least 30 minutes to get absorbed into the skin. Repeat application every two hours. Apply SPF incorporated lip balm or gloss. Sunscreen is also available in the form of creams, ointments, lotions, sprays and gels. Some cosmetic products with SPF are also available.

Tips to prevent sun damage during the summertime

Follow the below-mentioned tips and protect skin from harsh UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Also, prevent sun damage and various skin problems that can be triggered by intense sun rays.

  • Harmful sun rays may cause damage to unprotected scalp, neck and ears. The best way to prevent that is to wear wide-brimmed hats. They can be adjusted or tilted when there is a shift in the angle of the sun.

  • Always carry an umbrella. Cover face with a scarf. Wear long sleeve t-shirts and long pants during summer.

  • When heading outside while the sun is at its peak, make sure to wear shoes instead of sandals to prevent tanning of feet.

  • Try to remain in shade, especially, when the sun is at its peak. Thus, avoid going out in the sun in mid-afternoons in summers.

  • Avoid sunbathing or sun tanning. Tanning is a sign of sun damage on the skin. Thus, if we aim to promote healthy-looking radiant skin, we need to protect our skin from sun damage.


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