Top 10 wonderful tips to boost mental health

This article explains ways to improve and boost mental and emotional health. Tips on mental wellness keep the mind in a good state and prevent mental disorders. They prevent stress, anxiety, depression and help us remain happy and contented.

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We often pay attention to our physical health by following a balanced diet and a strict exercise regimen. When it comes to mental health, we rarely concentrate on this area. We somewhat feel it is not as important as physical health. However, it is a myth that mental health does not affect our overall health. Physical and mental health is related to each other. We cannot remain healthy if we do not take the necessary steps to improve and maintain our mental health and wellbeing. Moreover, we live in a busy and hectic world where concentrating on mental wellness is difficult. Consequently, stress and anxiety creates too much wear and tear on our mental health and deteriorates it. Our mental health is a determinant factor behind how we think, feel and act in our lives. If we want to feel good and overcome challenges without breaking down, we need to come up with effective strategies to keep our emotions in a sound state and for that, we need good mental health. Below-mentioned is simple tips and strategies which help to maintain and also improve mental state.

Why to keep mental health in the sound state?

Mental health is usually underestimated. It is the reason that we hardly concentrate on our mental wellbeing. Mental health decides our emotions and feelings. The way we cope and tackle our everyday hurdles depend on the state of our mind. If it is in a sound state, we will be able to overcome all the difficulties without getting disturbed. If our mental health is deteriorating, we may break down when hurdles approach us. Soon, we may develop various mental disorders and always remain in stressful, anxious and depressed. It will affect our physical health and cause various diseases and disorders. If we want to build resilience and always remain in a good mood, we have to adopt certain measures to improve and maintain our mental health.

Why to follow mental wellness tips?

Simple changes that we make in our lifestyle and certain tips that we follow to improve mental health pays off in the long run. These little changes hardly require any effort or time. The good mental state will ensure overall wellness and keep us away from mind related disorders. It prevents stress, anxiety and depression in our lives. Those who are already suffering from stress and anxiety can also witness gradual improvement in their condition. They will be able to cope with their emotions in a much better way. Taking care of mental health does not mean that we have to always go for professional help. Simple lifestyle changes and effective mental wellness tips keep us in a good mood and build resilience to overcome anything.

Characteristics of good mental and emotional health

Mental health is much more than being free from mental health issues and disorders. Below-mentioned is some characteristics of good mental and emotional health.

  • Increased self-esteem,
  • Boost in self-confidence,
  • Improvement in mood,
  • Ability to overcome stress, anxious feelings and hurdles without breaking down,
  • Can build new relations and maintain the older ones,
  • Accept the new challenges and succeed in them,
  • Ability to think out of the box,
  • Ability to think, feel and act positively,
  • Ability to strike a perfect balance in everyday life

Incredible mental wellness tips

  1. Practice mindfulness-
    Most of us do not live in present. We usually regret our past or worry about the future. When we practice mindfulness, we are teaching ourselves to live in present. Taking care of one thing at a time brings simplicity which is the easiest way to keep the mind peaceful. When we complicate our lives by multitasking and weighing our shoulders down with regrets and worries, we will miss out so much in our lives. Thus, practice mindfulness and do not let the mind wander here and there.

  2. Develop gratitude in attitude-
    We complain and act thankless in our lives. It is because we usually concentrate on all the things which we don't have. In the process, we forget counting all those things which we are blessed with. In reality, we have much more than we think. If we develop gratitude towards everything and everyone, we will start appreciating our lives in a much better way. Consequently, we will make peace with everything and remain happy and contented.

  3. Enjoy me-time-
    We spend endless hours running various errands. When it comes to spending alone me-time with ourselves, we usually don't do it. It is because we feel it is of no use. However, spending some quality me-time is essential to boost energy levels and calm down the mind. Try to be creative during me-time. Creativity boosts mental health. Challenges serve like an exercise to the brain. Creativity and challenges keep the brain active and fit. The more the exercises brain carries out, the better will be the mental health.

  4. Laughter is the best therapy-
    Let us complete day to day tasks and run various errands with a smile on our faces. When we enjoy doing things, every task becomes a fun activity. We then do not care how simple or difficult it is as we start enjoying doing it. Thus, the key is to find fun and laugh as much as possible. Find ways to laugh more. Watch humorous shows, films and read funny books. Join a laughter club if laughter does not come naturally. We can boost our emotional health by inviting laughter and fun in our lives as these serve as stress busters.

  5. Adopt optimism-
    Everything begins at the level of thoughts. If we think positive, we feel and act in the same way. If we only develop negative thoughts, we for sure will melt ourselves in negativity. Optimism is good for brain health. No way is life going to remain smooth and hurdle free. It is up to us to find goodness in evil. Every obstacle teaches us something. If we can learn the hidden message and positively use it to turn our life upside down, we can uplift ourselves from all the negativity. Thus, to keep the brain active, we need to always create positive thoughts and surround ourselves with those people who are fun-loving and positive.

  6. Socialize-
    We are social animals. Thus, no matter how much we love our privacy, from time to time require others support to carry on with our lives. Socializing is particularly helpful for those people who are dealing with some mental issues. When they open up in front of their near and dear ones and pour out their heart, they feel good. It is not good to hold emotions. Social support of friends and family can bring remarkable improvement in mental health and wellness. The emotional support which they offer become a stress buster. It helps to overcome depression, anxiety, stress and sadness.

  7. Strike a perfect balance-
    Working too much and living a little can increase cortisol levels in the body which can create too much stress. Thus, to remain stress-free and avoid feeling anxious all the time, it is essential to create a perfect balance between work and leisure. Prepare a timetable and stick to it. Allot time for everything such as work, spending time with family, friends, weekend trips and enjoying me-time. When all the aspects of life are paid equal attention, the purpose of life seems fulfilled. Thus, to remain mentally calm and fit, do not concentrate solely on running errands and getting work done. Pay equal attention to all areas of life and remain happy.

  8. Boost self-esteem-
    We have to think good about ourselves. When we have a good opinion about ourselves, we develop high self-esteem. Thinking lowly and not having confidence can lead us to failures. If we have to overcome obstacles in life and succeed, we have to develop confidence and motivate ourselves. It can only be done if we have high self-esteem. Thus, do not doubt about the capabilities and keep trying irrespective of how many times we have met failure. Keep heads high and never allow confidence to lower at any cost. Those who have high self-esteem do not entertain stress and anxiety in their lives.

  9. Get rid of stress-
    Stress, anxiety, depression are our creation. There may be extrinsic factors responsible for triggering them. Yet, they are our creation. Thus, it is we who can get rid of them. Get rid of underlying causes and factors which act as a stimulus and triggers stress. Write down all the factors which stress us and try to analyze them. We will soon discover that we can manage these issues. Once we find solutions, we can bid goodbye to stress and worries and boost our mental health.

  10. Take regular and frequent breaks-
    Just like our body, our mind too requires time to relax and rejuvenate. For that, we have to allow it to rest at frequent intervals. Too much work can drain out the precious energy from it and exhaust it. Consequently, the efficiency at which it works decreases. Tiredness reflects on its productivity. Soon, stress and anxiety follow. Frequently closing eyes for a few seconds, meditating, deep breathing for a couple of minutes are good stress buster exercises.



Author: Umesh Chandra Bhatt19 Jun 2020 Member Level: Silver   Points : 3

Mental health is equally important as that of the physical health. A balanced human life requires a good proportion of both of them. Keeping the mind under control and calm is the need of the hour as the present times are full of stress and sorrows created by the tough competitions in our lives and wherever we go we find stiff competition to achieve anything. It is imperative that a sound body with sound mind is required to fight the odds in our lives.

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