Health tips for women

Tips to improve the health of women and girls. Know more about the need for healthy food habits, exercises, medical check ups etc.

It is medically proven that women are much more prone to health risk than men.The importance of taking care of one's health is not understood by many women.Women health needs extra care and attention.These round the clock duties left women with no time to concentrate on her health.Women undergoes so many hormonal changes like menopause,pregnancy etc.Many a times it is hard for women to juggle and strive a good balance between her personal and professional life.


1)Never miss your meals,even if you are busy take out some time and eat on time.Eating on time is behind keeping you healthy.

2)Never swallow your food and do not eat food in hurry,chew your food properly.

3)Drink at least 10-15 glass of water.This is one thing which we must follow as we are not able to take out time for our health but we should drink water as much possible.
If you are not able to join fitness centers because of your busy schedule,then you can find an easy way to get rid of your extra fats by drinking water.

4)If you are not able to concentrate on your meals then make sure that you do not intake lot of junk food as it is very difficult to digest it,even if you are eating less eat something which is good for your body.

5)Avoid too much coffee and sugary drinks,take juices and healthy drinks as it is seen that most of the working women prefers either coffee or tea.

6)The best way to relieve yourself from stress is music,if you like dancing then shut the door of your room,play the music and dance on your favorite track or if you like soft music then play your choice of music take deep breath and relax.

Do not think that dancing will make you more tired or stressed,in fact you will feel more positive and fresh.

7)Do breast massage yourself,it reduces the chance of breast cancer.

8)Take proper sleep,as taking rest is equally indispensable for our health.

9)Walk as much you can,use stairs instead of lift.Do not use transport for going to nearby places.

10)Get your regular medical check ups.


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Guest Author: Karthik Sivaraman07 Jan 2014

Due to increase in globalization women have to manage both their professional and house hold work which doubles their work. It is very necessary to take some healthy diets and practice some yoga or gymnastics when you are free. Some women have the belief of fasting in some week days which is not advisable practice - if you believe in this try to take some fruits or juice at that time.

Author: Umesh Chandra Bhatt26 Apr 2020 Member Level: Silver   Points : 4

Women are generally busy in the household work and do not get time to take care of their own health. They should understand that their health is a very important thing in the family as they are the nucleus of all the activities and it makes sense to keep oneself in good health so that the care of other family members can be taken.

Basically for good health a balanced and healthy diet is a pre requisite. Then comes the routine exercises. Though women get less chance to go out but there is nothing like long walk in the fresh air outside. It refreshes the body as well as mind.

Author: Umesh Chandra Bhatt04 Jun 2020 Member Level: Silver   Points : 3

Sweta, I am basically active in IndiaStudyChannel site and have now joined this site also about 2 months back. Some other members have also joined here and some old members have also started contributing. You can contribute some more articles if you can spare time. I am also planning to contribute some of them. This would help this site to get more traffic. This is just a suggestion from a fellow member nothing more. All the best. Keep contributing.

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