Ayurvedic Treatments in Kerala

Ayurveda or the knowledge of life has its roots in Atharva Veda. Ayurveda has been practiced in India for about 5000 years. Kerala has always been the forerunner in respect of unadulterated Ayurvedic treatment. The state has witnessed a commendable evolution with respect to the number of eminent hospitals following traditional Ayurvedic methods.

Kerala is blessed with a pleasant climate and an abundance of rare herbs. Thus making the state best suited for Ayurvedic treatments. Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala has reached across the globe and made the state an international hub for the same.

The basic Ayurvedic procedure could be classified into two, Sodhana Chikitsa (Purification Therapy) and Samana Chikilsa (Alleviating/ Pacifying Therapy). Sodhana Chikitsa is the therapy for removing all the poisonous substances accumulated in the body. It involves 5 procedures known as Panchakarma procedure. Samana Chikitsa is undertaken to eradicate vitiated doshas. As part of Samana Chikitsa, Medicines are administered internally and externally.

Top 5 Ayurvedic Treatments in Kerala

Even though Ayurveda has treatment for every kind of ailments, there are some specific Ayurvedic therapies that are preferred by most people. The top 5 Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala are as follows.

Panchakarma Treatment

Panchakarma is a proven Ayurvedic treatment for detoxifying the body and reclaiming the vitality. Normally, the body is capable of expelling toxic substances. However, the process may be impeded due to lack of adequate exercise, unhealthy food habits, an inactive lifestyle, etc.
Panchakarma treatment for stroke has been helpful in treating patients suffering from poor blood flow to the brain. Panchakarma along with other Ayurvedic medication could help the paralyzed patients in recovering and bringing them back to normal life.
Panchakarma follows 5 steps to remove the toxins or doshas. The steps are as follows:-

  • Vamana (Therapeutic Emesis)-This is induced vomiting to clear the upper gastro till the end of the stomach (Duodenum) and part of the respiratory tract.

  • Virechanam (Purgation)-The induced purgation clears the lower gastro from the Duodenum till the exit.

  • Vasti (Enema)-This is the process of performing enema using medicated oil

  • Nasyam-This procedure is followed to remove toxins through the nose

  • Raktamoksham-The process of detoxification of blood

  • Treatment for Backpain

    Backpain or Backache is one of the most common health issues encountered by youth and old alike. There are varying reasons for back pain. But, the change in lifestyle and lack of workout and physical activities is observed to be the most common factor. Although Allopathy offers treatment for back pain, a complete cure is not guaranteed. Further Allopathic treatment for backache turns complicated many a time.
    Ayurveda has effective treatment for back pain/ backache. The therapy will be decided based on the physical condition of the individual, type of pain and severity of the problem.

    pizhichil panchakarma treatment for stroke

    Relaxation and Rejuvenation Treatments

    All are busy in this fast-moving world. The run to catch up with life results in unwarranted stress to the body and soul. Ayurveda has relaxation and rejuvenation treatments that will revitalize your body cells, rejuvenate your soul and reignite your mind.

    The defects in the human body are due to the imbalanced state of Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas. The rejuvenation therapy followed in Ayurveda concentrates on removing the excessive doshas and bringing the doshas to an equilibrium state.

    Ayurvedic MassageAyurvedic massage or Abhyanga uses herbal infused warm oil to remove doshas and relax the body. The massage concentrates on the skin to improve blood circulation. Ancient Ayurvedic scriptures suggest daily oil massage for body nourishment. The benefits of Ayurvedic massage are appended below.
  • A perfect massage strengthens the body

  • It helps for a good night sleep

  • Rejuvenates the body

  • Reduces pain

  • Improves immunity of the body

  • Helps in improving vision

  • Aids hair growth

  • Removes fatigue

  • Stress Relief and Yoga Programs

    Stress has become a constant companion for people of all age groups, across the gender, owing to the competitive atmosphere. The unending chase can cause big harm to the body and soul if you do not stop and relax for a while. Ayurveda offers the perfect solution for relaxing your mind and body and returning to life with more vigor.

    Stress relief and Yoga programs could be the ultimate healer that can relieve your body and soul. And prepare you to achieve greater heights. You must ensure that the Ayurvedic centre you approach for the program is a truly professional one. So that you are not scammed of money, without receiving the expected result.

    Ayur Bethaniya Facilities for Ayurvedic Treatments

    njavarakizhi pita dosha

    Ayur Bethaniya Ayurveda Hospital, with its world-class facilities and experienced team of Ayurvedic doctors, is the perfect answer for Ayurvedic requirements. Be it any kind of treatment, yoga or rejuvenation therapy. Our expert specialists monitor each patient individually, record progress and undertake necessary changes to the treatment to obtain the best results.
    The vegetable we get nowadays is poisonous due to the unrestrained use of pesticides. Recognizing the dangers it can cause to the human body, we set up an organic vegetable garden. Each individual is provided with a strict personalized diet prepared from healthy and fresh vegetables from our garden.
    Physical exercise or Vyayama is essential for maintaining a healthy life. It helps in rejuvenation of the body and longevity. We have a health club for the patients to work out. In addition, we have many facilities aimed at the well-being and health of the patients. The facilities include thermal massage centre, swimming pool, dietary kitchen etcetera.
    Ayur Bethania cares for you and it will be evident from the moment you step into the hospital. We assure good health to every patient, who visits us.


    Author: Umesh Chandra Bhatt27 Apr 2020 Member Level: Silver   Points : 3

    Ayurveda is a great legacy. The treatments are based on the natural principles and do not have any side effects unlike the modern medicines. It makes sense to go for Ayurvedic treatments as it is not only refreshing but also rejuvenates the body and removes all the unwanted elements out of it. In our country there are many good Ayurvedic treatment centres where people are getting benefited by these age old processes.

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