How to Treat Common Health Disorders at Home

No one likes visiting a doctor regularly for minor disorders like cold, cough, mild migraine, skin irritations etc. And we keep searching in books, friends, neighbors for treatment of such diseases. Your wait is over here as I have some of the best remedies in front of you along with explanation of why the particular disease occur. So take the time and read to get great relief at home itself.

Due to increased Population, Pollution, Smoke, Dirt, Junk food, Adulterated Grains etc we experience common diseases every now and then. Going for organic food, non adulterated grains or fresh vegetables have become a bit difficult in metro cities due to less space and growing population. We have to adjust at whatever we find the most suitable in the market for us. Due to such unhealthy eating and environment we experience lot of health disorders every other day.

The most commonly observed disease is

Cold and Cough

Why and how a COLD occurs?
Cold affects your body when one of the common contagious virus affects the mucous membrane of your nose. There are more than 90 different viruses that lead you to cold. That is why we stricken by cold every other day and so easily.
We all know Cold is counted in an airborne disease group. When one who is suffering from Cold sneezes and the droplets get mixed in the air and from there someone else gets affected by cold. That is why we are always made aware of sneezing by putting our hand or a handkerchief on our mouth so that no one else gets affected by our act.

Why and how a Cough occurs?
Cough usually occurs when there are certain stimulation actions in the tubes we use to breathe in and out. When one coughs they tend to inhale very little air the voice box that is Larynx closes at that time. The chest muscles and abdominal muscles that are used gets contracted which makes one to throw air out of lungs when the voice box re opens. Where air comes out with a blast clearing dust and dirt through airway.
Coughing occurs when there is a foreign element inside your body which should not be there. That is when you breath in dust, smoke, dirt or wronf piece of food in a wrong place.

Easy Home Treatment
Cold - Drink hot soups adding some green chilies or red chilly powder especially, this not only clears your nose but gives great relief to your throat melting away any hard mucous in lungs.
You can make easy Garlic Kadha at home by crushing 4-5 garlic pods boiling it in water, add a pinch of turmeric, tulsi leaves crushed, add pinch of chilly powder and honey with dash of lime. Drink the juice/tea and you will feel better.
Chicken soup is always best for such disease. Make chicken soup with lot of lemon grass and Ginger or if you have ginseng well and best. Boil it and have warm. This won't just clear blocked nose but will give you lot of energy.
Take lot of rest, when you are suffering from cold you have to take rest. Try resting after having a quick shower with hot water, then put some cold balm on your forehead, back and nose. Boil water add a spoon of cold balm like Vicks Vaporub to it and take steam for 5 min, you can add a oil like sneezol which you get easily in drug store. And then rest for at least 1 to 2 hours.
If you have sinus or severe cold which won't allow you to breathe it is recommended to see a doctor for it.

Cough -
For Dry cough soak almonds over night, peel them in morning crush it with a spoon of white butter and sugar and eat it two time a day do not drink water immediately over it as it may cause more cough symptoms. Wait for 30 min and then drink water.
Mix a pinch of turmeric with 1 tsp of raw honey add 1 tsp of ginger juice(grate ginger and squeeze juice by pressing it between fingers) and take it before going to bed, do not drink water over it.
Crushed black pepper, dry ginger powder and crushed cloves mixing it with raw honey will also give great relief from cough.
4. For heavy Mucous Cough Mix 1 tsp of crushed black pepper with 3 tsp of Jaggery mix together and eat it two three times a day no drinking water over it.
Boil water, add 1 tsp of raw honey to it, add 4 crushed black pepper, 4 crushed cloves, a juvenile of ginger crushed, tulsi leaves crushed, lemongrass crushed. Drink this while still hot during bed time. You will be relieved next morning.
If too much balgam or mucous formation visit a doctor.

Severe Headache or Migraine

How does a Headache or Migraine occur and How they are different from each other?
There are different types of headaches. Some are due to stress, depression or tension. Some are due to eye defect, some are severe and needs attention. Headache usually occurs when the blood vessels and nerve vessels are activated and sends the pain to brain vessels. Migraine are usually secondary form of headaches, yet no one has yet proved what exactly causes a headache. When hyperactive nerve cells begin to send signals to blood vessels following by release of serotonin and other inflammatory substances, a Migraine is caused. This causes very crucial pain discomfort and disability, but do not compare migraine with tumors and strokes. They are a different case.

Treatment for Migraine or Headache:
If you have headaches due to heat, make some watermelon juice mix 1 tsp sugar in it, drink the juice and lie on bed for sometime for quick relief from headache.
See that you are well hydrated. Drink lots of water, lot of times when our body lacks water there is headache.
Another good remedy during summer, if you are home is make a paste of sandalwood power mixing it with some rose water. Apply on the forehead let it dry then wash off.
Indian Red Blood Sandalwood is the best for headaches. Just make some paste of it and apply on forehead. It tends to hold the head muscles intact for sometime, you can even feel the pulling effect of it. This cures headache and also many other pains.
To cure migraine. Mix 50 gms of cummin(jeera) seeds with 50 gms of honey dry it in sun from morning till evening. Have 5 gms of this powder for 7 days.
Don't throw the peel of lemon, grind them with a crusher and apply on forehead for a relief from migraine and also for some freshness.
If severe headache without no relief, visit a doctor soon.

Common Fever

How and when Fever occurs?
Fever is usually rise in body temperature. Sometimes there are variation as well due to intake of food, changing seasons, but once it exceeds this it should not be taken lightly. Normal body function gets disturbed during this period. Respiration increases, there is sweating occurred which is not normal, Body pain, slight body shivering etc are commonly found symptoms.

Treatment for Body Fever:
Drinking juice of onion cures fever within no time. Just grind some onions with little water and strain. Drink this at one go.
Mix few drops of lime juice, honey and grated ginger make a mixture of all this and consume it. It will cure fever in no time.
Soak tamarind in hot water crush the tamarind with hand making a thick juice discard the pulp and add little turmeric powder, have this on regular intervals.
Soak a pair of socks in ice cold water wear them at night and cover with woolen cloth. This will give relief from fever and also give relaxing sleep.
Should take a medium cold water bath during fever, this lets out excess heat in the body and calms down the fever.
If very high temperature recommended to visit a doctor.

Stomach Aches, Diarrhea, Vomiting

How and when Stomach aches, Diarrhea and Vomiting occurs?
Stomach ache, diarrhea and vomiting are commonly observed due to stomach infections, food poisoning or due to dirty water. Bad outside food, stale food, polluted water, eating fruits and vegetables without washing them thoroughly causes stomach ache, diarrhea which makes you run to the toilet and also leads to loss of water from your body at greater extent which also causes weakness and dehydration. Similar is for vomiting, your body rejects to intake any food substances inside through your mouth. And therefore your body throws out all the food you eat, due to improper functioning of the body and its system.

Treatment for Stomach ache, Vomiting and Diarrhea.
Drink lot of fluids throughout the day to keep your body well hydrated when you have diarrhea. Fluids like soup, fruit juices, water etc are preferable. Also make black tea and squeeze some lemon and drink it. This is a very old and very effective way of controlling diarrhea.
Take 2 gm of carrom seeds with salt along with glass of water will give great relief from stomach ache.
Stomach ache due to Acidity can be cured by drinking plain soda with cold water.
1 cup water mixed with lemon juice and pinch of rock salt also gives great relief from stomach aches.
Grate ginger and squeeze the juice apply it under your belly massaging in circular motions is a great way to cure stomach ache even during your menstrual cycles.
Eating Pomegranate seeds sprinkling some salt and pepper over them is a good cure for stomach ache.
For vomiting have boiled water with some cinnamon stick mix some honey in it and drink this 2-3 times a day.
put some cinnamon, cloves and cardamom sticks in mouth this will prevent vomiting. Also smelling a fresh lime will stop you from vomiting during travelling
Cut a lemon into two halves, sprinkle some salt over it and lick it till all juice runs out. Best remedy for vomiting.

Acidity, Gas and Heartburn

How and when Acidity or heartburn occurs?
Heartburn occurs when Hydro-chloric acid used to digest our food is backed at our esophagus causing irritation and discomfort.Commonly observed symptoms are burning sensation in chest, sour burps, uneasy stomach.
Acidity on other hand is burning sensation in stomach due to over eating, eating spicy food, or not eating anything entire day. It is formed when there are excessive secretion of acids in the gastric glands in stomach.
Drinking small cup of cold milk will bring great relief for acidity.
Boil cumin seeds in water. Let the water cool down and have this water for curing acidity problems Also eating 5 soaked black raisins every morning on empty stomach will cure acidity forever. Eating a bowl of yogurt will cure acidity soon.
Drink bottled soda adding black salt and lemon to cure gas problems from stomach and regularity of bowels.
Lying down on left side will cure heartburn in matter of few minutes.
Drinking lots of water will also give great relief from heartburn. Also AloeVera juice is great source for heartburn.
In very sever and regular cases visit Doctor.

Few more Treatments for regular disorders

1. For DANDRUFF mix olive oil and almond oil apply on scalp, keep for 5 to 10 min once you feel burning sensation wash with regular rituals. Washing hair with green gram flour powder mixing with water twice a week cures dandruff.
2. For ACNE avoid eating too much spicy, oily and sour foods, drink lots and lots of water. Check if you regularly clear your bowels. Apply juice of ripe tomatoes on pimples and keep for 1 hour and then wash it off. Make a paste of roasted and powdered Pomegranate seeds mixed with lime juice and apply on pimples. Applying fresh washed fengrueek leaves will give best results. Let it be on face overnight.
3. For INSOMNIA warm milk, add 1 tsp of Mace powder(that is Jaiphal), turmeric, honey and ginger. Drink it warm for a restful and peace sleep.
4. For Snoring problems Take some 2-3 drops of olive oil before sleeping this will prevent you from snoring. Boiling a bunch of sage leaves cooling it and gargling with it before bed time is proven to cure snoring.
5. For TOOTHACHE keep a clove dipped in rock salt under the affected area chewing slightly in between to cure toothache. Make some paste of Hing(asafetida) and lime juice heat it dip a cotton ball and place it on the affected toothache.
6. For HICCUPS boil water with little cardamom powder let it cool, strain and have the water for curing hiccups.

Hope these remedies prove useful to you, Stay in good health.

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Household remedies are very handy in emergencies as these materials are available in the house. In our old and established Ayurvedic system there are so many tips and tricks for managing the various ailments with household remedies. If someone is having belching or acidity just taking Ajwain seeds with water gives instant relief. Hot water sipping helps miraculously in sore throat. There are so many more and one should inculcate habit of consuming these remedies rather than rushing to the doctor for small ailments.

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