Zero Friction Implant In Osteoarthritis

The number of patients suffering from osteoarthritis is mounting by days. Below is the cure for them to relieve themselves from the sufferings of this scourge which generally strikes after 45 years of age. Please read on to acquaint yourself with the painful disease to find solution to the problem.

The story

Zero error technique- no need to kneel down! Some time ago, a beautiful lady client entered into my chambers lamely taking supports of a beautifully carved stick. She runs a beauty parlour and her name is Tanya Mallick. She is about 43 years old. Right from the age of 36, she is suffering from osteoarthritis. Apart from taking medicines and injections to relieve the pains, she had got arthroscopy done some two years ago. But only after some time arthroscopy, her disease of arthritis started worsening. Today, it is quite difficult for her to stand for 20 minutes or walk ½ a mile at stretch. She got X-Rays done which told that the cartilage had almost melted and legs have gotten curved. She became perplexed when she was told that the only relief to her suffering was the joint implant. But she was relieved when she was told that the surgery in the area of joint implant had made revolutionary strides. Today, for her, taking cues from zero error operation techniques, by micro sized incision, minimally invasive surgery quadriceps sparring (MISQS), implant is possible frictionless (i.e. Zero Friction).

How the surgery is performed

In this operation, neither the muscles nor the ligaments are cut down. Not only is this, in zero error operational scheme of things, operation is conducted exactly from instruments made from before with structures already transformed from before with the helps of computers, which is far ahead from the computer navigation techniques. The doubts about the possibilities of dangers arising out of this technique are completely ruled out. Tanya Mallick had agreed with this and got operated from the technique to emerge a smiling winner out of operation. She is working hard in her parlour standing from morning to evening and is healthy in all respects-mentally, physically, socially (And not merely healthy by being disease free only).

This is the procedures

Under the scheme of things of this technique, the operation of knee implant is performed by patient specific instruments. The creation of patient specific instrument is based on that the structures of every person vary and the damage in cartilages in each and every case is also not of the same measure. In some cases the measure of cartilage, damage is more while in some, it is less. In order to make patient specific instruments, first of all, a full digital X-Ray and MRI of the affected knee of the patient where the knee implant is be done is taken out. The image of MRI and the full digital X-Ray of the knee in question are transferred on to a processing centre in America or Australia. With the help of a special technique, a 3D model of that patient's knee is prepared. This model is the exact replica of the patient's exact knee. Cutting guides are made on the basis of 3Dmodel for the seat of implant. This process wonderfully cuts down number of the operational steps by 22 counts. This instrument is in accordance with constitutional structure of the affected patients which makes the error a zero possibility and the timing of operation is reduced to ½.

Advantages of the zero friction technique

1. There is less of bone cutting as a result, the patient walks out of clinic the very next day.
2. Without disturbing or touching in any way the muscles which stabilises the knee, the operation is performed.
3. It takes only 30 minutes to complete the operation.
4. A 3'' incision is made only. No any other muscles are incised.
5. If the haemoglobin is present in the blood of the patient in ample percentage then there is no need of arrangements for blood in this operation because blood does not flow in this type of surgery.
6. The "cutting guide" for operation is made with the help of MRI which minimises the occurrence of error to zero level.
7. During the course of operation, insertion of rod into the bone marrow of femur is not needed.


After the computer navigation surgery, fundamental change has been registered after coming into vogue of this latest zero error technique in orthopaedic surgery.

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