Subvastus approach is best option for arthritis patients

In this article I write about the Subvastus approach, which is the latest technique for the curing Arthritis disease suffering old age persons. This technique is less time consumable, fast relief, economic, less risk of infection and many more advantages than previous techniques of curing the Arthritis.


Arthritis, a common old age disease in which person suffers from the joint disorders or mainly joint pain. Doctors identified about more than hundred forms of arthritis but most of the person suffering it have same problem that is joint pain. Person who suffers from it has joint pain, swelling in joints, stiffness in joints and not able to move properly. So peoples said it commonly joint pain disorder. This disease is found more in old age people they are not able do their basic works or feel problems or pain in their movements. Arthritis is caused by the breakdown of cartilage whose major function to protect a joint and allowing it to move smoothly. Cartilage is mainly responsible for absorbing shocks when pressure is placed on the joint when human walk, run, jump etc. Due to breakage of cartilage or less normal amount of cartilage, the bones rub to each other thus causing joint pain, inflammation and stiffness in joints.

Subvastus technique a hope for arthritis patients.

In today world science and technology is developed day by day. For the arthritis patient a new technology is developed that is "Subvastus" (replacement of knee) technology is developed. That patient who is suffering from these diseases this technology is better option for those. From time to time replacement cases are increases like that for more success on that research and development are done. The arthritis specialist has many challenges for their patient related like
  1. How to minimize the bleeding during the knee replacement process?

  2. Then after knee replacement how to make able to patient fast stand and walkable?

  3. How reducing time spend in the treatment of the patient?

  4. How to make better movement of knee after replacement?

  5. How to make artificial joint long run?

The above mentioned questions are asked by the patient to doctors. For solving these problems a technology is developed that is Subvastus approach technique Subvastus approach technique is a technique in which without cutting the important section of the knee muscles (quadriceps) possible to change it.

Advantages of this technology over previous techniques.

  1. From the use of this latest technology the patient have no fear of lot of bleeding during the knee replacement and patient those are weak from before they are rapidly recovered.

  2. In this operation the muscles are not cut so that the working system of the patient is worked as well as before and they are patient stand on their legs on the next day of the operation.

  3. That patient who are suffering from pain in both legs, they can also able to do operation at same time. In this operation the patient is not waited for operation for another leg and the patient as soon as go to their home. From this the time of the patient and cost of operation become less.

  4. From this technology there is minor scope of infection. The people who are not operate due to the fear of infection or the side-effect from this; they are not to be worried.

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