Healing and Wellness benefits of Sweet Basil Oil

Are you looking for benefits of basil oil? Want to know from where is Basil oil derived? Check here to know more about the healing benefits of Basil oil and know how to make benefit of the same in daily routine.

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Benefits of Basil Oil

Basil essential oil is called Ocimum basilicum oil.

Basil in itself is used in many recipe preparations. Basil helps to enhance the flavor of the food preparations. It also has healing benefits whether applied on the skin or taken orally.

The essential oil that we get from basil is also known as Sweet Basil Oil.

The main properties of basil essential oil are anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibiotic. It helps to kill the bacteria and virus that may be present on the skin. When used in combination with base oils like sweet almond oil, coconut oil or sesame oil, it helps to not only nourish the skin but also helps to improve the immunity of the cells.

It has thus been used in traditional medicine like Ayurveda for thousands of years.

Basil can also be eaten and ingested safely. It can also be consumed as tablet and capsule preparations. Basil helps to reduce stomach spasms, reduced appetite, cold. When taken properly, it helps to remove intestinal worms as well.

The benefits of Basil essential oil can be noted as below:
  • Anti-bacterial

  • Anti-viral

  • Fights infections

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Reduces congestion

  • Improves urine output

  • Activates the nerve system

Some of the other uses of Basil essential oil are:
  • Eliminate Odors

  • Clean equipment

  • Remove stains from pots and pans when mixed with baking soda

  • Enhance the taste of food

  • Used as ear drops

  • Energizer and mood enhancer when used in an oil burner

  • Drive away insects

  • Anti-mosquito and anti-insect bites

  • Boost digestion

  • Destressor

When to avoid using basil oil

Basil essential oil should be avoided to use during pregnancy. It can have an impact on the hormonal levels. Basil oil can also change muscle and nerve function.
Basil oil should also be avoided during pregnancy.

Basil essential oil as a destressor

Destressing is one of the main benefits that basil essential oil is sought for. Stress is an end result after the sympathetic activity of the nerves and brain increases. The sympathetic nervous system causes the heart to pump faster, activate the adrenal glands and increase cortisone in the body. Cortisone further causes the fight or flight response to get activated. Continued fight and flight response can lead to symptoms like anxiety, palpitation, fear, anger, and worry. A continuous presence of such a state leads to the physical level of diseases.

Basil oil thus helps the parasympathetic system to activate and bring in calming responses. The body is able to get into repair and rest mode and also reflect on the actions taken.
Basil oil when thus used in a massage helps the client not only to calm down but also gives the time during the whole massage to understand the gravity of concerns and focus on further actions.

Effects of Basil essential oil on the digestive system

Basil oil helps to increase the peristaltic action of the stomach and intestines. Thus constipation is the main focus area of improvement by this oil. Application of basil oil on the abdomen during massage or Chi Nei Tsang is a very helpful way of getting the benefits of the oil.


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