6 Reasons to have White Teeth and Dental Treatments to Achieve that Perfect Hollywood Smile

This article will help you to know the top 6 Reasons to have White teeth and treatments to achieve the perfect Hollywood smile.

Beauty is power, Smile its sword ~ John Ray

A smile has the capability to change our face value in an instant, when we change our smile, our entire persona undergoes a complete overhaul. Since teeth make up about 75% of our smile, subtle changes to just our teeth can drastically alter the way we look. What happens when we are not comfortable with our smile, we control our smile and end up looking displeased or uninterested with the ongoing conversation.

Everybody wants a smile like a Hollywood star, stretched on beautiful lips showing the pearly whites. Everybody wants to have caries free teeth that are white and not yellow. But not everyone is blessed with white teeth, eating habits, smoking, drinking beverages such as tea and coffee, having sugary foods etc. over time tend to make the teeth yellowish in colour and scaly in appearance. Yellow teeth is the most common problem people have with their teeth.

Teeth Whitening Treatment

Though one cannot do anything about the genetic factors and the water composition of different geographical locations, the advanced techniques available in dentistry today can help, achieve that perfect smile. Dentique – The Dental Studio is a dental clinic in Kochi that has a bouquet of treatments to cover up teeth discoloration in just a WEEK. The treatments include Cost and ease. Before speculating on whether to opt for the procedures; read the following 6 reasons and make your decision.

A Smile can moves the Hearts

A genuine smile is welcoming and heart-warming. It shows openness to life and to the thoughts and feelings of another person. Overall we are perceived to be a caring human being. However, when a person is uncomfortable with their smile we tend to be low on confidence and finally give a Fake smile and thus end up being perceived insincere.

Indication of Healthy Lifestyle and a Better Quality of Life

It is a well-known fact that white teeth indicate a healthy lifestyle and a better quality of life. It is important to have good oral hygiene as it can affect many aspects of our life. For example, our complete taste palate changes when we suffer from gum and teeth problems. Regular brushing and flossing twice a day will keep our mouth fresh and teeth healthy. Regular scaling at the dentist every 6 months, removes the deposited plaque. However, in due course eating habits and drinking beverages such as coffee and tea change the colour of the teeth. The correct remedy for this is Teeth filling for the damaged teeth along with Teeth Whitening procedures to restore the colour of our teeth.

Graceful Ageing

Ageing is a process that alters the body parts in more than one way. Teeth yellowing is one of them. We can choose from the different Teeth whitening procedures to help us regain the colour of our teeth to feel and look youthful. Dentique - The Dental Studio offers the Best Teeth Whitening treatment in Kochi at an affordable cost.

Prepping for some Special Occasion

We all have special occasions in our life - A friend's wedding or a job interview - where we want to look exceptional. We intensively plan our grooming - Clothes, shoes and cosmetics make it to the list, but never our smile. Teeth whitening procedures can be one thing that can really uplift our appearance and give us tremendous self-confidence.

Cost and Ease

As compared to the other DIY solutions for Teeth Whitening available over the internet and disseminated over generations by grannies; the simple procedure at some reputed clinic is easier, effective. Further, we don't have to deal with the awkward cleaning mixtures such as herbal powders and mustard oil with salt etc. Cleaning agents like Charcoal and salt are very abrasive in nature and in the long run cause enamel erosion and teeth sensitivity.

Teeth Whitening is Non-invasive

Teeth Whitening is not a surgical operation but is a non-invasive medical procedure to improve our oral hygiene and teeth colour. There is no risk involved so there is no need to feel scared or anxious.

So, having listed a lot of reasons to opt for teeth whitening; let us tell you the best place to go for the same. Dentique – The Dental Studio is a dental clinic in Kochi that offers all kinds of small and large dental treatments such as Dental Fillings and Teeth Whitening at competitive prices and by caring doctors whose main priority is You and you alone.


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