Types, Side Effects, And Treatment Of Diabetes

In this article, I will explain all about diabetes. Diabetes is seen in not only in old age people, but also it much seen in adults. I share the reason why diabetes comes and the food we can take to control it.


Diabetes is more seen and it is spreading more in all ages of people. 20 million people are affected by this diabetes just in America. This diabetes cannot be taken as simple as any other disease. This could be very serious if you keep on neglecting it. Let's see what diabetes is all about. We all know that if insulin amount is reduced or insulin secretion is disturbed, that is diabetes. But there is lot more things in diabetes. Insulin is secreted by pancreas in our body. The main job of insulin is to break the food to separate glucose and make this glucose mixed well in the blood to reach the cells. The glucose is necessary to the cells, because cells need glucose like a fuel. This is thing happening in our body whenever we take food. So what is the problem comes here in case of diabetic patients.

Type-1 diabetes:

Diabetes is divided into two major types. One is type-1 diabetes and the other one is type-2 diabetes. In type-1 diabetes, secretion of insulin is stopped. If insulin secretion is stopped, then glucose is separated from the food, but the glucose which is separated cannot enter into cells. Insulin is only one which has power to push glucose inside the cells. So cells don't get glucose which it needs like a fuel in the car. Finally cells start to die and more glucose will be mixed in blood. This is type-1 diabetes.

Type-2 diabetes:

Type-2 diabetes is where either insulin is secreted less in pancreas or the cells may not accept the insulin. If insulin is secreted less, then there is glucose content very much available which is not pushed into the cells. Even though the insulin is normally secreted, there are chances that cells may not accept the insulin. This also causes more glucose to be deposited in the blood and cells start to die without glucose. This is type-2 diabetes. This diabetes is the one which can be seen often in the patients. Recent survey shows that if we take 100 diabetics patients, only 5 to 10 patients are with type-1 diabetes. Rest 90 patients are with type-2 diabetes. Type-2 diabetes is more serious concern.

Reason for diabetes:

Main reason for this type-2 diabetes is obesity. This problem comes if we have more fat inside our body. Apart from this reasons, there are many which causes diabetes. They are food habits and being without regular exercise. So when we do some work, cells need glucose. When cells do not have glucose in it, cells start to die. So if we want to avoid diabetes, then regular exercise and good food is necessary in our regular life.

Problems in diabetes:

One problem that we can see in diabetic patients is excessive urination. They often urinate. They may feel like having more hungry. Sometimes they may not feel hungry at all. They may not get good sleep. They may sometimes gain weight or lose weight. They may have problems in vision. They may have no sense in legs. The reason for this is the nerves become week. If anything happened to leg, the nerves may not take it to brain and hence they don't feel like something happened to their leg. Wound may not recover soon.

Treatment for diabetes:

If diabetes comes, to avoid all the above problems, they need to take insulin for the life time. Regular exercise is necessary. Regular exercise helps to control the problem to some extent. Avoid taking sugar and sweets. Eat more vegetables which have more fiber content. Oats are good for diabetes which has more fiber content Citrus fruit like guava and apple can be taken.


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