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Missing AdSense Welcome bonus

In this post, I will talk about the AdSense welcome bonus offered in this site and how to handle the missing welcome bonus.

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In very rare cases, while creating a new AdSense account through us, you may get an error. This is due to an error on the AdSense servers. When you get this error, our system will not record that you have created an AdSense account. However, Google will have already received your application. This error can be confirmed by re-trying the application process. When you retry, if you get an error saying "An AdSense account/application already exists with this email address", it indicates that your application is already received by Google. In this case, our system will not allow you process your AdSense application since we did not get a confirmation from Google.

If this happens, this is what you need to do:

1. Check your email that you used while applying for AdSense. You would have received an email from Google with further instructions.

2. Follow the instructions in the email.

3. Wait until further emails from Google regarding approval.

4. Once you get approved, visit our AdSense feature and associate the new AdSense account using the option "associate your existing AdSense account".

Now your AdSense will be associated with us and you can start earning revenue. However, you will not get the bonus automatically since our system will consider it as an associated account and not a newly created account. In order to receive this bonus, please post a request in the forum. We can look at your log and find out if an error has happened during account creation and after verification, we will manually change your AdSense status to "Newly created" instead of "Assocaited existing account". After that step, you can recalculate your earnings to receive the welcome bonus.

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