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How AdSense revenue sharing works in the forum

This page explains how the AdSense revenue sharing works in the forum

In most sections of this site, we will use your AdSense Ad code of the person who submitted the content of that page. However, this is slightly different for Forum threads where multiple members can contribute content in the same page.

We do rotate AdSense Ads of all members who participated in the thread. The chances of using your AdSense ad code depends on your total points from that thread compared to the total points earned by all posts together in that thread.

Consider a forum thread where the original post got 5 points. The total points earned by all responses together is 45. So, the total points in that thread is 50.

Now, assume you posted few responses in that thread which earned 10 points.

In this example, you got 10 out of 50 points, which is 20% of the total points. This means, your AdSense Ad code will be used 20% of the times in the thread.

The higher the points you have in a thread, the higher the chances you have to get your AdSense Ad displayed in the forum thread.

The same is applicable for "Ask Experts" section for the sites in which that section is active.

This is not applicable for other sections where you can post responses. For example, in case of resources, even though anybody can post responses, we will use the AdSense Ad code of the person who wrote the resource and not the members who wrote responses.

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