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Why AdSense Ads are not visible to me

This page discusses few cases where we will hide the AdSense Ads and not displayed to certain users.

Recently few of our reputed members lost their AdSense accounts for no valid reason. We tried to contact Google to get those accounts reinstated, but had no luck. This made us think that we should take all extra efforts to ensure that the AdSense accounts of our members are protected to the best we can.

In order to avoid any accidental clicks on AdSense Ads, we are taking the following steps:

AdSense Ads are not displayed to members when they are signed in.

If you are an active visitor of this site, you will not see Google Ads in any member pages, even if you are not signed in. This is to avoid accidental clicks on member Ads to protect member's AdSense accounts.

In addition to the member pages, we are hiding AdSense Ads in most of our common pages as well.

Who is an active visitor:

I mentioned Google Ads will be hidden to active visitors. We will not disclose 'what is meant by active visitor' since that will give various ways for members to bypass our system to see Ads. In general, active visitor is any user who has some kind of association with AdSense accounts or the people who have visited our site frequently in the past. Our system will use an internal algorithm to determine if you are an active visitor or not.

Be assured that Ads are displayed to all visitors who are new to our site and who visit us from various sources. This may cause up to 1% reduction in the AdSense revenue of members, but it is better to protect the AdSense accounts and take this 1% loss than losing your AdSense account itself.

Another note: Avoid clicking on AdSense Ads in our sites even if you are genuinely interested in some Ads. Not only clicking on your Ads, but clicking on other people's Ads also will be a risk for your own AdSense account. Google is monitoring the people who go and click on other people's Ads either to help them or to get their AdSense banned. So, if you click on somebody else's Ads, there is a great chance of you losing your AdSense account rather than them.

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