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How to contact Google for any AdSense related problems

In this page, I will explain how to contact Google for any questions related to Google AdSense program.

We offer Google AdSense revenue sharing program in association with Google. When you have questions or concerns about this revenue sharing program, depending on the nature of the problem, you may need to either contact us or contact Google.

Google does not give an email address or telephone number to contact Google for any AdSense issues. However, there is an online form you can submit with the details of your problem, which will be reviewed by Google AdSense support team.

Here is the online form to contact Google AdSense:

Please note that Google will respond only if you have a valid issue and only if you have presented in a good, understandable format with all required information with full details to identify the problem.

If it a a good idea to have someone else review your message to Google before you submit it. You can even post the issue details and the draft of your message in our forum and ask the opinion of our members.

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