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What is Google AdSense revenue sharing program?

In this article, I will explain what is AdSense revenue sharing program and how it works in this site.

In addition to being a major search engine company, Google is an Advertising company too. You can see several text/image/video Ads in this site, labeled with "Ads by Google". These Ads are displayed by Google, on an agreement between our parent company and Google. When any visitors of this site click on any of those Google Ads, the owner of that content page earns revenue from Google.

After you register for an AdSense account, we will use your AdSense account to display Advertisements in the pages having your contributed content. Google will pay you 90% of the Ad revenue from your pages (10% of the revenue will be paid to us by Google as commission).

To participate in this program, you must first create an account with Google and wait for approval from Google. We are not directly involved in this process, other than allowing you to create AdSense account through a special page in this site. In general, Google accepts all applications, unless you provide wrong information or try to cheat them. If Google reject your application, you won't be eligible to make money through this program. Read more about Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Program.

Pay per click

The revenue is generated from Google Ads when some one clicks on an Ad. You are strictly not allowed to click on any Ads in this site. If you click yourself on any Ad, Google has very advanced systems to track it and your account will be disabled within few weeks. When your account is disabled, all the money you earned until that date will be canceled.

Is there a Fee to join Google AdSense program?

No, Google AdSense offers free registration. However, they have a very strict review process. You must contribute few weeks in this site before you can apply for Google AdSense program and should meet certain criteria before we allow you to apply for Google AdSense.

Third party advertisers other than Google

From time to time, we use various other advertisements also. This is in addition to the normal Google AdSense Ads. The revenue from other advertisements is not shared to members directly. Such revenue will be used to give gifts, cash awards, other expenses etc.

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