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Referral System

In this article, you can learn more about the referral program we have in this site.

We have one of the best referral programs in this website. Existing members can invite other members to join this site and earn various referral rewards.

One of the key benefits of our referral system is, when someone visit our site through your referral link, their computer will remember your referral id and even if they join this site later, they will be still your referral member.

Another advantage is, you do not need to send a direct link to register in this site, instead, you can give the url of any useful page in this site with your user id added at the end of the url using "&ref=your user id" parameter. This will allow you simply use our regular, useful urls in your blogs and other websites, along with your referral user id added at the end of the url. Many sites that do not allow using referral urls would allow you to use links to useful articles in this site even if you attach a "ref=YourUserId" parameter at the end of it.

How to invite others as referral members?

There are several ways you can invite others to join as your referral members:

1. Send them a personal email, with a referral url for them to click and join

2. Blog about any feature or article of this site and include a "ref" parameter to the links to this site.

When a visitor come to this site by clicking any link that include a "ref" parameter, he will become your referral member.

How to use a "ref" parameter?

You can add a ref=your user id querystring to any url of this site.

If the url already contain a question mark (?), add &ref=YourUserId to the end of the url.

If the url does not contain a question mark, then add ?ref=YourUserId to the end of the url.


* Remember to use your actual user in in the place of YourUserId.

Do you own a blog or website? Give links to any useful pages in this site and add a ref parameter at the end of the url to make anyone joining this site through those links as your referral members. If you don't have a website, you can email the useful links in this site to your friends and make them your referrals.

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