Pancreatic cancer Hope you are staying safe and healthy.

Hope you are staying safe and healthy. We are a team of cancer patients and Doctors who have created a free resource called Ankr for patients undergoing cancer treatments. We were frustrated at how hard it is to keep track of the thousands of pages of information, side effects, and treatment options. And when side effects happen, to wait endlessly to connect with our Doctor or nurse. Ankr uses award-winning artificial-intelligence (AI) algorithms to
(1) recommend treatment options for your breast cancer based on stage, mutations etc
(2) provide customized information at the right time for the most likely side effects you need to watch out for after you start treatment.We would love for this community to try out Ankr and make it better for millions of women/men with breast cancer worldwide.If you are interestedto learn more and either download the app or sign up on the myAnkr website to get started."