Please Help.


I've done the worst this ever and googled symptoms. I'm sure I'm fine but...
I've had a eczema/fungal looking "thing" on my areola going just over my nipple for 2 months it is so itchy I want to scratch my nipple off and I have a burning sensation with it. Around 2 months ago one doctor prescribed me some medicines without even seeing me (due to the Covid pandemic) but it hasn't helped at all, it's getting bigger and worse.

my questions are..

1- If it was something bad would my rash/thing just get worse and worse and never appear like it might be getting better?

The rash is always there and isn't getting better but sometimes it looks red raw and other times it's flaky. No matter what I put on it it doesn't change just gets worse.

2- One of my fast friends recommended me Ankr website or app to get registered with and I will just have to put all the symptoms or problems I am having and it will tell me either I have cancer or something else.

If you people know something about such things please comment below help me to find the best option.

Thanks all