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    Greetings to everyone,
    I am Mona Tiwari
    I am a teacher, teaching in private school.
    This covid time is very tough. Salary had stopped coming from schools,
    the means of earning money was reduced.
    Savings which were only in name also started getting empty. And there was daily fear whether
    I had got covid, I was very depressed, didn't know what to do.
    I can't even tell how dangerous I was thinking at that time, I was so alone at the time and
    was afraid that something might go wrong with me.
    But with time everything went well, my depression also reduced a lot, it was completely gone.
    So if anyone is scared, all I can give is a suggestion, let the time pass,
    Should do meditation, yoga, music is best friend.
    I started using the internet a lot, because what else would I do if I used to sit empty all day.
    Read a lot of books, visited a lot of mental related websites,
    listened to music, consulted doctors, and it really helped a lot.

    but today I Feel somehow depressed, don't know what I am thinking about.

    what to do now....unable to think?
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    Nice to know that you are fine now and i suggest you don't think too much about everything, Everything will be fine. Your daily work and daily meditation starts with fresh mind. Because living in depression is dangerous and other things like addiction can also become habit!!!

    Because Covid time is difficult for everyone, i that time lot of people will be disappointed, how to suffer from all issue like regular income and all. It is a common thing to be depressed in this case. But it is important to think about how to come out of this depression. Because the same thing happened to my relatives as well. In the Covid period, he would also be depressed due to lack of income and he had become addicted to alcohol as a result of depression. And because of this, whom he did not talk to anyone and started living alone, then it had a lot of impact on the family, then the family members decided that they sent him to the rehabilitation center to get rid of alcohol for a few days. Now I heard that she is fine now and recovery is going well. So it seems to me that the sober living home is also a great option for dealing with mental health , addiction recovery and depression you put into it.

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