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    Does keeping certain plants like Aloe vera in bed room help in getting sound sleep?

    It is believed that certain plants like Aloe vera are conducive to a deep sombre if are kept in the bed room. This has probably something to do with their capacity to give oxygen in the night. Do you have information about other plants also which have such properties? What is your experience in this regard? Please share.
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    Sombre? Did you mean slumber?

    I have several aloe vera plants, at home, and currently one sits on my bedside table. I have it there purely for its aesthetic appeal. These plants are known to purify the air and are listed among the top best indoor plants that clean the air of pollutants. Though plants need light for photosynthesis, it is said that aloe vera plants make their food at night, and it is then that they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. However, the amount of oxygen that a small plant produces would have little effect on air quality. A bigger plant would probably be better suited for that purpose.

    What I like about the plant is that it does not require much care. It can go without water for days on end and needs little or no fertilisation. It is a succulent, a desert plant that prefers drought-like conditions.

    Several other plants are recommended for bedrooms. And I have some of them in my bedroom - pothos (commonly known as money plant) is available in different variants. I have four varieties that I keep moving around my home. I also have a rubber plant in one corner of the room. It is a hardy plant. Aglaonema or Chinese evergreen is also great for indoors, and it has a permanent spot in my bedroom, along with a peace lily and a snake plant.

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    It was slumber only. I corrected it after auto correct but again it emerged back. I know you would easily point out them. So conspicuous for you. You have provided a good details regarding the plants. Thanks for the nice information.

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