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    Do you take some home remedies?

    Many people go for home remedies for minor ailments or prevention of the diseases. In many situations they have a desired result and some people claim that they are very helpful. For example I am doing hot water gargling for my throat which occasionally gets sore. Have you used any such home remedy? Please share.
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    To relieve acidity, I use two natural ingredients. One is curd which I feel instantly relieves acidity. The second one is I keep a clove in between my teeth. Both remedies are helpful. Also, I have heard that drinking cold milk benefits a lot.

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    I do resort to over the counter medication for common ailments and do seek medical attention in an emergency. A shelf in my bathroom cabinet is meant for conventional medicines - disprin, paracetamol, cold tablets, analgesics, band-aid, Dettol, crepe bandage, Vicks VapoRub etc. I keep allergy/asthma medicine on my bedside table and in my handbag. So, yes, I rely on allopathic medicine for quick relief. However, I have also incorporated healthy eating practises that ensure I remain healthy and do not suffer from age-related or lifestyle diseases.

    I would think that they qualify as home remedies. For instance, I use a variety of cold-pressed oils in my cooking and also include ghee in my diet. I consume nuts and seeds and 7-8 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, a day, and a variety of whole grains. I garnish dals with freshly chopped and lightly sautéed garlic and have a medium-sized onion along with my lunch.

    Our eating habits have helped my husband, and I maintain our blood pressure and blood sugar levels and keep cholesterol under control. Our HDL levels are within the healthy range of 40 to 60 mg/d, without ever resorting to medication.

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    Juana, very true, lifestyle itself is a great source to keep fit.

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    Reena, curd is very useful item in many ways. However I use raw caravay seeds (Ajwain) with water for acidity and it gives immediate relief.

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    The best thing about using home remedies is that natural ingredients exert no side-effects, unlike allopathic medicines. Home remedies only do good for our body. Moreover, to treat every condition, there are plenty of natural ingredients available. Suppose if one ingredient is not available in the home, we can reach to other ingredients and treat the symptoms.

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