The Qantas Airlines Dreamliner focuses more on Wellness

Wondering what is a world top class airliner trying to do on wellness? How could a wellness of a person get better by a flying company? Check this thread to know about the steps taken by Qantas to help improve the wellness of their customers.

Qantas airlines are one of the best airlines from Australia. They have daily flights to the United States. While the flights are really good, the biggest challenge that people face are the nearly 24-hour journey, jetlag, adjusting to different food and the boggy feeling that sets in after being in the flight for such a long time.

To start with Qantas have changed their places from Boing 747 to Boing 787-9 for such long-haul flights. They have also changed their food options to jetlag-reducing food. The air quality measures are also changed to have better air in the cabin. This is interesting. It helps to save from respiratory concerns and skin problems. The light systems are also changed to adapt for better sleep.

Jetlag food helps to rebalance the circadian rhythm and slow down and rev up the body clock according to the time of arrival and departures. Starting from 1st December 2018, business class food options will have colorful and flavoury dishes with rice, quinoa, citrusy preparations. Hydration will be given a lot of importance. Guests onboard Qantas flights will have coconut water and kombucha in lounges. It helps to boost electrolytes and probiotics.

The light arrangement works on short wavelength at high intensity at certain times. This light scheme imitates daylight. They also work with dimming of lights and specific colours of lights which help soothe the jetlag.