Yoga asana of the day: Vishwamitrasana - Sage Vishwamitra's pose

Vishwamitra was a Kshatriya, belonging to the warrior class and king of Kanyakubja. He later went to become a rajarishi, a royal sage and finally became a Brahmanical sage. The Vishwamitrasana is very beneficial for stretching and improving the tone of the muscles of the arms and legs.

It also helps to improve sciatic nerves. Thus helps to reduce sciatica problems. It further helps to improve concentration and sense of balance.

In the final position of the asana, the back of the right thigh on the back of the upper part of the right arm. The left arm is stretched vertically from the shoulder and the gaze should be at the upstretched left hand. The pose is also repeated for the left leg and the left arm. The focus is given on the breathing patterns. In this asana, inhalation should be when the arm moves up, while exhalation should be when the arm comes down.