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    Wellness benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil

    Lemongrass oil is used a lot in different cuisine dishes in South East Asia and the African countries. Lemongrass has immense wellness and medicinal benefits.
    Lemongrass in its essential oil form is used in massages and joint relief applications. The oil has properties to improve blood circulation, ease pain and aches in muscles.
    It also has mild anti-bacterial properties. Lemongrass oil is also burned in burners which helps to purify the air and help deodorise the surrounding climate.

    Studies done on Lemongrass essential oil have shown that it contains compounds which act as antifungal and antiseptic as well. Lemongrass also helps to prevent any excessive growth of disease-causing bacteria and yeast. It thus acts as an anti-inflammatory and reduces fever conditions.

    Lemongrass is also useful for women during their menstrual flow and helps reduce abdominal cramps and pain.

    Thus, what is Lemongrass? As the name says, it is a type of grass which grows in warm and humid areas. This grass grows tall and can almost be the height of a tall human being. It grows about 6 to 7 feet tall and is native to Sub-Indian continent, African and South American countries.

    Lemongrass is scientifically known as Cymbopogon flexuosus. Another variant is Cymbopogon citratus. The plant has a citrusy smell. It helps to relieve stress while being stimulating, soothing. It also helps to balance the emotions.

    Main benefits of Lemongrass essential oil

    • A natural deodorizer and cleanser: The citrusy and lemony smell of Lemongrass helps to give a good smell in and around its placement. Also, the antibacterial properties of the oil help cleanse any bad odours.
    • Good for the skin: Lemongrass has been used since olden times for skin healing properties. Lemongrass is thus widely used in all skin cosmetics; namely shampoos, conditioners, lotions and body butter, etc.
    • Hair care: Are you having itching in your scalp and loss of hair? Are the hair strands broken and the roots having a lot of dandruff? Lemongrass helps with its mild astringent and bacteria-killing properties to revive the good hair you once had.
    • De-stress: Lemongrass is known to decrease anxiety and palpitation levels by calming the nerves. It is thus a very good additive in lotions.
    • Menstrual pain: Lemongrass helps reduce nausea and vomiting sensation during menstrual periods of a woman. It thus eases the flow and helps go through the days of periods.
    • Anti-Headache: Apply Lemongrass as a roll on in a oil and it will help your head blood vessels to cool down and get rid of headaches.

    How to use Lemongrass essential oil?

    Essential oils are basically an extract of the grass or plant. They contain the strongest component of the plant and thus cannot be applied directly to the skin. If applied directly, they can irritate the skin and permanently scar or change the colour of the skin. It is thus always recommended to mix the essential oil in a carrier.
    Carriers can be neutral or have their own healing properties and not have any nullifying or property changing effects on the Lemongrass oil.

    Such carriers can make the essential oil to be used as:
    • A burner oil: Mix a few drops of the essential oil in a base oil like coconut or almond oil and allow the oil to heat. The vapours will spread through the room and give a nice aroma.
    • Topical skin application: These are some of the best ways of using lemongrass oil. Topical applications can be oils, lotions, creams, body butter and patches.
    • Internal: Lemongrass oil can also be taken internally. But proceed with caution! Only 100% pure food grade lemongrass oil should be used for consumption. Pure lemongrass oil can be mixed with few drops of water or with raw honey. The oil can also be put in smoothies and detox soups and Mushroom soups.
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    I have also read about the various capabilities of the lemongrass and how it is used for many ailments as a home remedy. One particular is the lemongrass tea which is not only refreshing but tasty also. Lemongrass can be planted in a small flower pot in the kitchen garden and one can use a few leaves of it and mix in the usual tea or prepare a tea exclusively of its own. I have taken it during my studies and I found it very refreshing.

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