Facts about erectile dysfunction and diabetes

A number of individuals suffering from diabetes may invariably develop erectile dysfunction in future. It is estimated that almost half diabetic male has some form of erectile dysfunction. More than half population of male with erectile dysfunction has diabetes mellitus. It currently under diagnosed and under treated. These cases are redeemable and quite treatable.
When a man is unable to get an erection upon sexual stimulation and / or loss it before ejaculation, he might have erectile dysfunction. If this happens only once or on rare occasions, especially under unusual circumstances such as extreme fatigue, stress or under the heavy influence of alcohol, one must not be unduly alarmed but can seek consultation with a doctor.
The diagnose of erectile dysfunction is appropriate only if such difficulty occurs repeatedly and frequently over a period of time. The inability to achieve an erection after a physical stress, or any of the other examples mentioned above, in this wise is like the case of the "soul is willing but the body is weak"
If someone is having difficulty getting or maintaining an erection, he should check with his doctor who will evaluate the condition and advice about treatment options.
Adeyeye Adesola
"Health is wealth"