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    Boiling water poured on the head

    Dear Sir/Madam

    My father is 64 yrs old diabetic and has bp taking medicine for both and is under control. 2 weeks ago while taking bath by mistake he poured boiling water on his head. immediately he poured lukewarm water on the head. he complained of burning sensation on the whole head region and we took him to the doctor. doctor gave him some multivitamin and pain killers. he says that his nerves are burnt and has sleepless nights. he says because of the nerves burnt his thoughts are not controlled. he gets over reactive for small things.

    does pouring boiling water on the head affect the nervous system.kindly advice what to do.

    mary stanley
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    Boiled water is injurious to health.It could affect your system because the part of the body affected has nerves and you know nerves carries sensation to the brain.
    I want to say that the patient should be thoroughly examined by the doctor again.

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    Boiling water can burn the skin and the associated nerves and blood capillaries. It is advisable to take the patient to the doctor for a proper advice.

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