Cash Credit allocation to Forum postings and Resources

Hello Everyone

We have started allocating cash credits to postings being done in the Forum section and the Resources section. Thus, here we give value to the efforts of our dear members regarding their words on this website.

Cash credits are allocation of virtual money in Indian Rupee currency which gets accumulated in their respective online account which gets automatically created during initial registration on FHC.

Allocation of Cash credits will vary between Re. 1 to Rs. 50 and will be allocated by the Editing team at FHC according to the quality of the article being posted at FHC.

Any posting in the Forum section will have a limit of maximum Rs. 5 /- per forum post.
Any posting in the Resource section will have a range of Re. 1 to Rs. 50 /- per Resource post.

Few major deciding factors for allocation of cash credits will be :
- Quality
- Quantity
- Originality

of each respective forum or resource post.

All issues and queries regarding allocation of Cash Credits should be asked in the Forums only. The decisions taken by the Webmaster: Dr. Apurva Tamhane, Site Administrator: Dr. Sanjeev and Website Owner: Tony John, will be final and binding.