New 200 point Fortnight resource competition on keyword Anthroposophy

Hello folks

We are starting a new competition in our fortnightly 200 points category.
This time we are inviting resources on the key word "Anthroposophy".

All the resources should be written in the Anthroposophy category in the Resources section of FHC.

The competition starts from 1st of September 2011 and ends on 15th September 2011.

Do not copy and paste from any other websites / books / electronic / physical sources. Please write in your own words.

For a start, I am giving the meaning of Anthroposophy here as given at Wikipedia :

Anthroposophy, a philosophy founded by Rudolf Steiner, postulates the existence of an objective, intellectually comprehensible spiritual world accessible to direct experience through inner development. More specifically, it aims to develop faculties of perceptive imagination, inspiration and intuition through cultivating a form of thinking independent of sensory experience, and to present the results thus derived in a manner subject to rational verification. In its investigations of the spiritual world, anthroposophy aims to attain the precision and clarity attained by the natural sciences in their investigations of the physical world.