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    Posterior fossa ( Medullablastoma)

    Dear Sir,

    My 10 year cousin brother was suffering from Vomiting & Headache from last 1.5 month. after all gastrology test doctor did brain CT scan and diagnosed Posterior fossa Medullablastoma size 3.2 * 3.5 cm and said have some water also.

    and we are not getting bed in the AIIMS for treatment.

    I want to know about this is required surgery or not and some doctor say its cancer but without biopsy how someone can say cancer.

    doctors prescribe him some medicine ( Diomox / Dexam / Spiromide / becasule Z / pantaprazole )

    and what will be the treatment procedure for this.

    Warm Regards
    Pradeep Kankarwal
    082 8585 9993
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    Medulloblastoma is a type of primary cancer prevalent in children. It is a type of brain tumour only affecting the children of age generally below 16 years. It does not mean that they do not occur in adults, they occur but rarely. It is also observed that boys are more prone to it than the girls.

    These tumours develop in the brain in the part which controls the motor actions of nerves and as such is a crucial function.

    The diagnosis is made with CT scans. The usual treatment is surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. As per the data about 70 per cent children out of the treated get cured of this ailment.

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