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  • How does alcohol drinking affects Liver?

    How does alcohol drinking affects Liver?
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    Anything that is eaten and drunk (I mean even our favorite Coffee too); goes to the Liver from the Intestines to be further digested and broken down and formulated and Synthesized according to the need of the body.

    Now you might have got a rough idea how heavy is the work load for your Liver. Alcohol is very heavy to be broken down and thus required a lot of work to be done by the Liver.

    More to this, the one enjoying the drink, also eats a lot and then drinks and eats and drinks and drinks and drinks!!! phew....!

    Our dear Liver tolls and tolls in digesting it and most of the time over stresses itself and then a stage comes where, the Liver cannot overstress (or Overclock - our Computer people will exactly understand!!!) itself and the cells decide to stop functioning - (Akon says No More You...)

    Thus comes either the deadening of the cells or changing into types which do no function of the Liver which is termed as Cirrhosis.

    To all this Alcohol is the biggest Criminal of all the things that affect Liver in the Bad way.

    Tamhane Ameya Avinash

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