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    What are the reasons for Eye Allergy?


    What are the reasons for Eye Allergy? What is the remedy for this Eye Allergy?
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    Eyes are very delicate organs and also the same time, the most sensitive.
    The coverings of the eyeball - the conjunctiva is the most vulnerable to damage and can easily be disrupted by the dust in the air.

    Many a times the dust which flows with the wind causes a "blow" to the conjunctiva and thus disturbs the normal structure to the eye which leads to a set of symptomatology which is termed as Eye Allergy.

    Eye Allergy can variate and range between a simple reddening of the Eye ball to ulcer formation in the eye.

    Remedies for Eye Allergy also differentiate according to condition and class of medicine. Medicines for eye allergy come in Eye drops, Eye Ointments, Tablets and sometimes syrups too.

    Generally medicines for Eye Allergies are having anti histaminic activity which reduces the allergy exacerbations because of the released excessive Histamine and thus reducing the inflammation and irritation thus caused.

    Medicines are also required to control infection if present and thus medicines providing anti bacterial activity are required.

    Generally, external applications can suffice to reduce the allergic reactions, Antibacterial activity and also for reducing the pain.

    Tamhane Ameya Avinash

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