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    What is Intussusception?

    What is Intussusception? How it can be avoided? What are all the precautions after its cure?
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    Itussesception means any continuous structure folding and invading inside itself.
    This happens to the small and large intestines which fold and invade into themselves, as if a pipe in a pipe but the pipe is the same.

    It is a surgical condition caused by weakening of the muscles supporting the intestines and thus care can be taken at the following levels;
    1. Avoid eating foods like non vegetarian food daily or heavily which needs a lot of energy and work by the muscles to digest the food.
    2. Avoid acidic food like pickles, spices, pungent food which can cause intestinal and stomach perforations which can lead to complications like intussusception.
    3. Maintain simple diet and light exercise.
    4. Avoid continuous straining during stools. If you have consistent constipation consult your doctor.
    5. Avoid continuous heavy work which can lead to weakening of muscles and may lead to complications.
    6. Avoid hard drinking continuously and avoid smoking and tobacco chewing.

    Tamhane Ameya Avinash

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