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    Pregnant Women and Mobile Phones Safety

    There has been a lot of talk of the harmful effects of Mobile Phones and Mobile Radiations towards the Pregnant women. There can occur various harmful effects towards the growing baby in the mother's womb and permanent changes.

    Is it thus safe to have mobile phones near the pregnant mother or to move in areas where the Mobile ranges exist.

    Peter Jones
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    Mobile radiations or the Electromagnetic waves are an immaterial for of transmission of energy and information from one place to another in a dynamic form.

    These waves can penetrate inside the body depending upon the strength of the waves.

    Typically, mobile phones emit such waves and receive such waves and are harmful if they are very much near to the people.

    Such waves cannot penetrate thick skin and bones and hard surfaces, but can penetrate to some extent in thin skin and soft organs.

    Thus when a pregnant woman has a growing fetus inside her, along with the herself, she has another living being which is more susceptible to the waves.

    But, mobile phone radiations are not so strong even to penetrate beyond the skin and thus may not cause harm to the child growing within.

    But the transmissions at the Mobie Towers are much high and have the ability to even penetrate thick skin and soft organs, but not the bones.

    Such high transmissions at the Mobile Transmission towers should be avoided as these strong waves can reach the growing baby inside the fetus and cause harm and genetic modifications and may lead to deformities by birth to the child.

    Continued touch with Mobile phones like having it near the ear and also continually in the pockets of the trousers can also be very much harmful.

    Tamhane Ameya Avinash

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